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Matthias Trabandt


Rebecca from Melbourne, Australia:

The German lessons with Matthias were always very helpful and interesting. I was always looking forward to meet him. He was always well organized, had good ideas and the lessons worked really out.

When I haven't understood anything, he repeated everything and explained well. Matthias is very patient and spoke always everything slowly. Sometimes we discussed about our lifes at first and did the "work" later. The mixture makes difficult activities easier as well as more exciting. I enjoyed the games and card-plays. They were effective and funny.

I recommend him definitive. Matthias is friendly, very reliable, well-informed and simply cool.

Martin from Košice, Slovakia:

I was very satisfied with the lessons. Matthias has an amazing talent and patience when he works with students and is organized and prepared as a German teacher can be.

We had always a lot of fun by doing various exercises. This good atmosphere gave me the motivation to continue learning German with joy. Various longer debates about German society and Germans I liked the most. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who is interested to refresh or improve his German.

Katarína from Bratislava, Slovakia:

I was very satisfied with Matthias' professional approach, his knowledge, willingness and ability of teaching. The professional quality is supplemented by personal commitment, concentration on the lessons and interest. The lessons were very well structured and built meaningful. He worked in various forms and explained grammatical rules. He also had a wide selection of inventive "playful" kinds which complement me very much, through that I was able to learn more easily.

Individual lessons were tailored to my wishes. Then Matthias prepared exercises with rhythm schemes, articles, dialogues and games. For my language level there were very suitable types of language games. We practiced consistently correct pronunciation and repeated, did grammar tasks, dialogues and situations (e.g. job interviews). Especially I liked all language games and reading texts.

I recommend Matthias to anyone as a teacher. For me he is definitely the best teacher in contrast to the "normal" classes, which I know from personal experience.

Lucia from Košice, Slovakia:

I really enjoyed the German lessons and I was extremely satisfied. In comparison to conventional methods he used different games which really helped, and on the other hand I fully enjoyed learning. The lessons were always funny, and I did not want to go away.

Matthias was always perfectly prepared - often he gave some device, but mostly I learned by practicing. I do not remember that there was a situation where he did not know how to continue. Moreover, if he saw me or others, when we were not interested in a subject, there was no problem for him to move to another topic..

As a very effective method to me: "charade", when a student explained without using the base word. It's not only fun, but there you really notice how strong or weak your vocabulary is. Most of all I liked conversation. Definitely yes for a recommendation - the Lessons were always funny and I left home with the feeling that it was usefully spent time and I really learned something new.